The Boswell Society meets for lunch followed by a speaker in Lichfield in March; in London in May; in Edinburgh in August; in Bath in October; and at Auchinleck, Ayrshire, in November.

To find out more about the Society, contact David Boswell, Balmuto, The Avenue, Timsbury, Bath, BA2 OHD, or Derek Walker at cratley@talktalk.net.

For information on past and upcoming events, please follow the links in the right-hand menu. 

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  1. Hello John
    Glad to see the Boswell Society now has a website – it looks great!
    Just a wee point, though, Ayrshire is spelled this way, not Ayreshire!
    Hope to see more added soon, and I might even send you some relevant material from Auchinleck,
    Dane Love

  2. A point well taken! I’ve tweaked the spelling to bring it in line with accepted practice, gazetteers, and the works of JB, and hope all and sundry will put the typo down to a new prescription from my opticians (progressive lenses, but I prefer to call them trifocals–still getting used to them).

  3. Alan Boswell · · Reply

    Hello John,

    I (and some other members of the society) would like to speak with you about possibly developing this website further, but I can’t see any way of contacting you other than posting a comment like this.

    Maybe you could add a way of contacting you, as the site controller, to the site?

  4. Hello, Alan,

    I have added a contact which I hope will be bot-resistant. It’s in the footer.

    Best wishes,


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