Monthly Archives: July 2016

2 March 2017: Dr Fred Nicholls to speak at Lichfield

On Thursday 2nd March 2017 at Lichfield Dr Fred Nicholls will be the speaker.

26 October 2016: Dr Susan Rennie to speak at Auchinleck House

On Wednesday October 26th 2016 at Auchinleck House at 5 pm Dr Susan Rennie will speak on Boswell’s Dictionary. The image included in this post is taken from Dr Rennie’s WordPress site,

15 October 2016: Michael Bundock to speak at Bath

On Saturday October 15th 2016 at the American Museum, Bath, Michael Bundock will speak on Francis Barber. Mr  Bundock’s The Fortunes of Francis Barber was published by Yale University Press in 2015.

14 May 2016: Dr Cecil Courtney spoke at North Crawley

On Saturday May 14th Alexander and Jane Boswell welcomed us to their beautiful home.  Dr Cecil Courtney spoke on Zelide, James Boswell’s Dutch friend.  They have kindly agreed for us to have the May Meeting biannually from 2018.

2 March 2016: Dr N Ashton spoke at Lichfield

On March 2nd we were privileged to hear Dr. N Ashton speak at Lichfield.  At the AGM it was suggested, discussed and agreed that the accounts in future should run to September 30th. The next AGM will be at Bath in October 2016 and then alternating with Auchinleck in October 2017.